TypeR ATB LSD Chain Drive Unit

Uses a re-purposed Honda Civic/Integra helical geared ATB LSD.
Complete with sprocket, bearings in Al.Alloy bearing carriers with oil seals and all fixings.
Replaced by our IB5ATB, LSD, Chain Drive Unit


Honda Civic/Integra TypeR*, automatic torque biassing, limited slip differential converted to chain drive.
Complete with:
Sprocket of your choice (up to 530/60 tooth)
Standard Al.Alloy bearing carriers with 80mm OD sealed bearings and oil seals.

* Based on a re-purposed differential unit

TypeR Chain Drive unit:*SPECIAL ORDER ONLY*

Replaced by out IB5ATB-Lightweight unit IB5ATB, LSD, Chain Drive Unit

The TypeR unit can use standard 27 spline Honda Tripod joints or can be fitted with special fabricated output stubs with flanges to suit bolt-on CV joints.
Flanges are available to suit:
100mm OD, 86mm BCD, (6) M8 tapped holes, to suit Lobro Type 2 CV joints.
94mm OD, 78mm BCD, (6) M8 tapped holes, to suit Lobro Type 1 CV joints.
86mm OD, 74mm BCD, (6) 5/16″UNF tapped holes to suit FSAE Lightweight tripod housings.
Please enquire for prices for optional outputs.

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