Quaife QDF7ZR (Radical) 530 Split Sprockets

530 Rear sprockets for Radical non-reversing LSD (Quaife QDF7ZR)
Prices from £68.75 + shipping


Sprockets to suit Quaife QDF7ZR sealed chain drive differentials as fitted to Radical SR1, Clubsport, Prosport and PR6 race cars (non-reversing differential)

Centre hole size 114mm, drilled for (8) M10 fixings, equi-spaced on a 133mm pcd.
These sprockets have two opposing mounting holes drilled for the Quaife’s 14mm dowel bushes.

The sprockets are split for ease of installation and are drilled for a pair of special alignment bobbins to ensure the correct alignment is maintained.

Manufactured from 7075-T6 Aluminium Alloy

530/44T to 530/46T : £68.75 + shipping
530/47T to 530/50T : £72.50 + shipping
530/51T to 530/52T : £76.50 + shipping
530/53T to 530/55T : £82.00 + shipping
530/56T to 530/60T : £84.50 + shipping
Pair of special alignment bobbins: £5.00

Discount available for multiple sprockets with same drilling.
We do not charge VAT
Manufacturing lead time typically 10 to 15 days

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