Quaife Ford IB5, ATB, LSD, Chain Drive

Based on a brand new Quaife QDF7ZR sealed chain drive unit complete with sprocket, sealed bearings in Al.Alloy bearing carriers with oil seals and all fixings.
*No longer available*


Quaife QDF7ZR Ford Fiesta/Escort (IB5)*, automatic torque biassing, limited slip differential converted to chain drive.
Complete with:
Sprocket of your choice (up to 530/60 tooth)
Side mount bearing carriers with sealed bearings and oil seals.

This unit can use standard Ford Fiesta/Escort CV or Tripod joints or can be fitted with special fabricated output stubs with flanges to suit bolt-on CV joints.
Flanges are available to suit:
100mm OD, 86mm BCD, (6) M8 tapped holes, to suit Lobro Type 2 CV joints.
94mm OD, 78mm BCD, (6) M8 tapped holes, to suit Lobro Type 1 CV joints.
86mm OD, 74mm BCD, (6) 5/16″UNF tapped holes to suit FSAE Lightweight tripod housings.

* Based on a brand new Quaife differential unit

Quaife QDF7ZR (IB5) ATB Chain Drive unit: *No longer available*

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