MX5 Mk1 LSD Chain Drive Differential

Mazda MX5 VLSD Chain drive Differential (with output shafts)
*No longer available*


Mazda MX5 Mk1 Viscous coupled LSD* with output shafts
(MX5 Mk1 100mm pcd 4 bolt type)
Aluminium Alloy Bearing Carriers fitted with sealed bearings,
Aluminium alloy oil seal carriers and double lip oil seals
Aluminium Alloy Oil/grease Can with grease nipples
Aluminium Alloy Sprocket
Includes all sprocket fixings and bearing carrier fixings

This re-purposed chain drive differential is based on a Mazda MX5 (Eunos, Miata) Mk1, viscous coupled, limited slip differential.

The MX5 VLSD is ideal for bike engined trikes, buggies, kit cars, single seater race and track day cars.
The fully assembled unit weighs in at approximately 9.5Kg.

MX5 Mk1 VLSD Chain Drive Unit: 
*No longer available*

* Uses a re-purposed Mazda MX5 unit