Mini (A-Series) Twin Cross-pin Chain Drive Differential

Mini (A-series)Twin Cross-pin Chain Drive Differential
Based on a brand new MiniSpares Molybdenum Twin Cross-pin ‘open’ differential
*No longer available*


Mini (A-Series) Twin Cross-pin ‘open’ differential*
Fitted with:
Mini Pot joint output shafts
Mini output covers with seals and gaskets
Aluminium Alloy Sprocket Adapter/End Plate
Aluminium Alloy Bearing Blocks with Sealed Roller Bearings
Aluminium Alloy Oil Can.
Sprocket of your choice (up to 530/60 tooth)
Full set of fixings

* Uses a Brand new MiniSpares Molybdenum twin cross-pin ‘open action’ differential

Mini (A-Series) Twin Cross-pin Chain Drive unit:
*No longer available*