IB5PR, Plate & Ramp LSD, Chain Drive Differential

Based on a brand new IB5PR sealed chain drive unit complete with sprocket, sealed bearings in Al.Alloy bearing carriers with oil seals and all fixings.
*No longer available*

(without optional EN24T output shafts)


Westgarage Engineering IB5PR*, plate & ramp, limited slip differential chain drive unit, complete with:
Sprocket of your choice (up to 530/60 tooth)
Side mount bearing carriers with sealed bearings and oil seals.
* Based on a brand new IB5PR differential unit

Westgarage Engineering IB5PR Chain Drive unit:
*No longer available*


The IB5PR chain drive LSD unit can accept standard Ford Fiesta/Escort/Focus push-in CV joints or can be fitted with our optional EN24T flanged output shafts which take 100mm OD Lobro Type2 bolt-on CV joints. See our other listing for the version with the EN24T output option.

This plate & ramp type limited slip differential is an excellent choice for use on road, track or off-road. See How it Works

The IB5PR LSD is normally supplied with 40/90 degree ramps and 30- 40LBS/FT pre-load as standard.

Other settings are available with ramp angles and pre-load settings to suit different vehicles, tracks and driving styles: Here is a list of ramp angles which we can provide and their pairings and usage:

30/90 & 40/90; 50/90 & 45/45; 30/60 & 20/70.

50/90 ramp angle – Road use
40/90 ramp angle – Road & Track use, gives maximum control into the corner & progressive lock up on the way out of the corner.
30/90 ramp angle – Track use, this gives you maximum control going into a corner and a very aggressive lock up on the acceleration side.
45/45 ramp angle – Off-road, Rally use, this helps to get the vehicle sideways.
30/60 ramp angle – Off-road, gives a smaller amount of lock up going into the corner and a more aggressive lock up on the acceleration side
We do a ramp angle for every driving style and application so if you are unsure, then describe exactly what you want the car to do and we can then pair up the ramp angles and pre-load setting to suit.

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