IB5ATB, Chain Drive LSD with ER4 Electric Reverse and Pivot Mount

The IB5ATB chain drive unit with ER4 1.7kW Electric Reverse and pivot carrier is based on a brand new IB5ATB sealed chain drive unit complete with sprocket, sealed bearings in Al.Alloy bearing carriers with oil seals and all fixings.
*No longer available*

(without optional fabricated flanged output shafts)


Westgarage Engineering IB5ATB*, automatic torque biassing, limited slip differential chain drive unit, complete with:

Pivot type mounting cradle
ER4 Electric Reverse 1.7kW electric motor and 92T ring gear**
Sprocket of your choice (up to 530/52 tooth)
Side mount bearing carriers with sealed bearings and oil seals.
* Based on a brand new IB5ATB differential unit.

Westgarage Engineering IB5ATB Chain Drive unit with ER4 Electric Reverse and Pivot Carrier Mount:
*No longer available*

The IB5ATB chain drive differential unit has a core mass of approx 5.6Kg.
This differential is a form, fit and function replacement for the Quaife QDF7ZR or any Ford IB5 chain drive unit.

The IB5ATB chain drive LSD unit can accept standard Ford Fiesta/Escort/Focus push-in CV joints or can be fitted with our optional fabricated flanged output shafts which take 100mm OD Lobro Type2 bolt-on CV joints.

This an automatic torque biassing (ATB) type limited slip differential is an excellent choice for use on road and track See How it Works

The IB5ATB differential is low maintenance and can use grease as a lubricant.

** The ER4 electric reverse unit is designed for use on vehicles up to 550kg mass.
The ER4 reverse is for use on low gradients on paved surfaces.
On board battery capacity must be sufficient to power the 1.7kW motor on load.

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