ER4 Electric Reverse for Chain Drive Differential

ER4 Electric Reverse unit for chain drive differentials.
Price: from £235 + Shipping
(Motor mounts and differential mountings extra)


ER4 Electric Reverse Unit

The ER4 electric reverse drives a 95 tooth ring gear which fits to your chain drive differential to the right side of your differential sprocket.
The geared, 12V electric motor has solenoid activation for the mechanical engagement of the drive gear to the ring gear.

These units will fit most of our chain drive units and ring gears can also be manufactured to suit other units such as the Quaife QDF7ZR.
The ER4 electric reverse cannot be fitted to any of out chain drive units which have inboard disc rotors as the motor would foul the rotors. We can supply other electric reverse units which can be positioned remotely from the differential.

ER4 Electric Reverse for Chain Drive Differential: Price from: £235
Sliding plate or pivot type mounts for ER4 reverse mounting are from: £110
+Shipping (please ask for shipping quotation)
We do not charge VAT.
Availability: Usually 7 to 10 working days


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