Custom Fabricated Flanged Output Shafts

Custom Fabricated Flanged CV Joint Stubs to suit various chain drive units.
*No longer available*


100mm OD flanged output
Special Flanged Output

Custom fabricated stub shafts with flanges to suit bolt-on CV joints and bolt-on tripod housings
Stub shafts can be fabricated to suit many different bolt-on joints to suit chain drive differentials.

Custom Fabricated Flanged Stub Shafts:
*No longer available*

These flanged shafts are fabricated by tig welding machined flanges onto modified CV joint stub shafts.
Typical flanges can accommodate Lobro bolt-on CV joints in various sizes 90mm OD, 94mm OD, 100mm OD, 108mm OD, 930
Other flanges can be manufactured to suit FSAE 74mm BCD bolt-on tripod housings.

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