EN24T 100mm OD Flanged Stub for IB5 Differentials

EN24T 100mm OD (86mm BCD) Flanged Output Stubs to suit Ford/Quaife/Tran-X IB5 style chain drive units.

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We can supply a fabricated version of the IB5 Flanged Output Stub See here


EN24T stub shafts with flange to suit 100mm OD (86mm BCD, (6) M8 tapped holes) Type 2 Lobro CV joint.
These shafts are made from EN24T steel and fully heat treated
These stub shafts fit Ford IB5  or Quaife IB5 (Fiesta/Escort/Focus) type chain drive units

100mm OD Flanged Stubs for IB5: 
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See alternative Fabricated Flanged Output Shafts

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