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ZX14R powered Beetle

Chain Drive VW Beetle ZX14R Westgarage Engineering WGATB LSD Chai Drive Differential

Westgarage Engineering’s products find their way to all corners of the globe.

This WGATB chain drive LSD went to a customer in Perth, Western Australia to be installed into a ZX14R powered VW Beetle.

MX5 to Lobro Type1 adaptors
WGATB LSD and MX5 adaptors.

This unit will use MX5 1.8 (110mm) output shafts with special adaptors to convert to 94mm OD Lobro Type1 CV joints.

Another option would have been to use Westgarage Engineering’s purpose made EN24T, flanged output shafts which suit the 100mm OD Lobro Type2 CV joints without the need for adaptors.

The EN24T output shafts are shorter than the original MX5 items and this negates the need for extended oil seal carriers.

94mm OD Type1 and 100mm OD Type2 Lobro CV joints are interchangeable on VW 33 spline drive shafts.