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Electric Reverse

ER4 Electric Reverse for Chain Drive Differentials

We have now added a new electric reverse to our product range.

Our ER4 Electric Reverse Unit drives a 95 tooth ring gear mounted to the right of the differential’s sprocket and with the geared electric motor mounted to the differential’s mounting cradle.

LSD chain drive with electric reverse
Electric reverse ring gear on chain drive differential

Unlike our previous systems, the ER4 has a solenoid actuated gear engagement rather than requiring pull cables or rods.

The ER4 reverse can be fitted to most of our chain drive units with the exception of units with inboard disc brakes.
The ring gears can be drilled to suit other differential units such as the Quaife QDF7ZR unit.

For units with inboard disc brakes we can supply a different electric reverse which is fitted remotely to the differential.

A reverse system is required on vehicles undergoing IVA testing in the United Kingdom as well as being a requirement for circuit racing, not to mention that a reverse is quite handy for manoeuvring in tight spaces.