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Bulkhead Mount with eccentric adjusters

Westgarage Engineering’s Bulkhead mount with eccentric adjustment

Chain Drive differential Mounting

There are several ways to mount your chain drive differential.

1 – Bolting to your chassis via the side mounting bearing carriers.
Not a very satisfactory method.
2 –¬†Fitting using a basic bulkhead mount
Difficult to fit shims to tension chain.
3 – Fitting to a sliding plate mounting carrier.
Easier chain adjustments, needs longitudinal chassis rails to mount side plates.
4 – Fitting to a pivot type mounting carrier.
Easier chain adjustments, pivots from a bulkhead,
5 –¬†Fitting using a bulkhead mount fitted with eccentric bearing housings
Fits to a bulkhead, very easy chain adjustments.


Eccentric adjusting bulkhead mount
WGATB MX5 LSD with eccentric bulkhead mount.